Trial exhibits

I have extensive expertise creating visual strategies for large civil trials. Working in partnership with litigation strategist Rodney Jew, I have designed and produced thousands of demonstrative exhibits for law firms across the US and around the world. This strategic niche is communications at its highest stakes, where persuasive and effective storytelling are vital to the success of the case.

Visit my Exhibitography web site where you can download my free ebook on the art and science of jury persuasion.

Note: These boards are from actual cases. Because of the highly confidential, proprietary nature of trial exhibits, all identifying features and data have been replaced with generic placeholders in these example boards. Removed from the context of the cases' strategic story sequence, these genericized exhibit boards convey little meaning by themselves. These examples can only serve to hint at the range of strategic and visual approaches I take in the course of developing a case and communicating it to jurors. I am happy to send additional samples and discuss the process in more detail in person.